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Frequently Asked Questions

Am I an ideal candidate?
If you are a practicing educational leader ready to enhance your leadership skills and career opportunities
What career paths open up?
Graduates hold and transition into top leadership positions such as Principal, Superintendent, and University Vice President
Can I continue working?
Yes, the program is designed for leaders who work full time, enabling you to apply new skills immediately
EdD or PhD?
EdD focuses on the art and science of applying theory to practice, the PhD prepares one for academic research (more...)
Frequently Asked Questions ELPA EdD Mature Program Award Central Region Carnegie Project on the Education Doctorate Consortium Member Since 2007

FAQ’s for the Statewide Cooperative EdD Program

Is the Graduate Studies online application the only application for the ELPA Statewide Cooperative EdD Program?
For the Graduate Studies online application, which Admission Category should I choose when applying to the ELPA EdD Program?
Which Graduate Program should I choose for the ELPA EdD Program in the Graduate Studies online application?
While completing the Graduate Studies online application, should I upload my transcripts?
For the Graduate Studies online application, are recommendations required for the ELPA EdD Program?
Can I scan and email, or fax my EdD Program application documents to the ELPA Department?
When do classes begin for the EdD Program?
When will I know if I am asked to attend the interview session for Cohort 11?
What dates should I set aside as a Statewide Cooperative EdD applicant?
Do I have to re-take the GRE, if I have taken it in the past?
I am taking the GRE. What code should I use to ensure that my GRE score report arrives to the ELPA Department for the EdD Program?
What is the deadline for taking the GRE?
How firm is the deadline, December 1, regarding documents that are out of the applicant’s control, such as recommendations?
If I am a current MU student, does this change the application process?
Is the Statewide Cooperative EdD Program a part-time graduate school program?
I am a veteran who will be utilizing my VA benefits. How do I find out more information?
If I am not a resident of Missouri, am I charged the nonresident tuition rate?
When will the satellite site locations for the next cohort become available?
Is the EdD Program a certification program?
Can I complete the EdD Program online?
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